Moon effects on brain


Constantly look at the moon can effect human brain

As the moon is part of solar system and it is a significant planet as well as a satellite, it adopts the light of sun.

The moon surface is actually dark and has silver soil color. Moon is 400 times smaller than sun. Formation of moon was came into being when a rock was smashed.  Moon is the main source to pull tides forward and back in the ocean. likewise moon orbits the earth so it makes earth moves and it effects the brain as well.

Another interesting fact about the moon is that it also has quacks. They are called moon quacks. Earth quacks can last only a few minutes but moon quacks can last for half an hour.

Moon influences the life as we see it on the earth.

Do You ever think if moon would not occur then what will be happened??

As the moon influence our oceans, weather and the hours in a day, if it will not occur tides would fall, nights would be darker, seasons would be change and length of our days would be  change as well.

Moon can badly effect the Human brain

As the moon is the source to pull the tides because water attracts the moon. Likewise human brain is the significant source of water.  According to Dutch Researches If you look at the moon constantly, moon’s gravitational pull can similarly effect the brain which can cause the erratic behavior and it deeply effects the mental health.

What is Blue moon and when does it occur??


Blue moon is not the blue it is type of full moon. It has same color as the full moon except in two cases, during lunar eclipse moon turned into blood red. In the other case moon looks blue as the dust particles indulged in the atmosphere that’s why it looks blue moon, according to scientists from the space it looks grey as it is.



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