latest future robot technology

latest future robot technology


With the passage of time human being is working for more facility. Due to this many peoples are searching and making/ inventing new things. If we look around us then we find most of the things are not natural that we use. Even from a pin to Airplane we are using technology vehicles, mobile phones, computer, .All the things are fulfilled with technology. All the things made with technology and every technology is different from other. For the purpose of our work good and easy we use the robots. Today we will talk about the inventions and innovations in robot technology. But one thing keep in mind that is “we are depending on technology”. Our daily life jobs and business is depend on the technology. But today i will tell you about Robots that can be very helpful in future.

 Robot Technology

Before we talk about the robot technology we need know “what is ROBOT ?”.

What is Robot?

Robot is an automatically operated machine that reduce the human effort and work as human. In short and simple robots are replace the human efforts.

Robot technology is called robotics. Study of combination of Engineering, Science and technology is called robotics.

NI Sensor (Neuronlike Chip)

Nero chip

This device connect directly with the human brain. A very big example of Nanotechnology that work with neuro transmitters. Chip is fully automated and more complex than a laser vision. We can listen music directly from our mind and dont need any external device like phone, earphones, etc.

Aquanaut robot

Aquanaut robot technology

The Auqunaut robot is working in water. This robot can easily work open water and in the water and perform many tasks. It has multiple sensors to know what to do at this time. It learns with the time and practice and big step of robot technology. This robot can easily travel 200 km in single mission. This can rotate 360 degree with operating system mapping.

Lio Robot Technology

Lio de robot technology

Robot technology is growing fast and invent new things every day. Lio Robot is very fast learning machine. It is a mobile robot especially interact with the peoples. This robot can sense temperature and can take the things to move one place to another. Lio robot helps the peoples in daily work like take a cup of coffee, communicate with peoples. Lio Robot interact with the peoples and entertain.




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