Invention of Smart Pen

Invention of Smart Pen

Invention of Smart Pen:

paper (Before Smart Pen)

A digital pen is an input device which captures the handwriting or brush. most importantly strokes of a user and converts handwritten analogue information created using “pen and paper” into digital data. Specialty of a pen is “you can write everything with a pen that you want.

This pen type used for different applications or simply as a graphic. Along with writing the data in Pen. We can also transfer it to any digital device like USB, CD memory card, personal computer etc.

A Smart pen is more specific than a digital pen;

This one satisfies the same basic characteristics, but also has other features like voice recording or text scanner.
Digital pens typically contain internal electronics and have features such as touch sensitivity, input buttons, memory for storing handwriting data and transmission capabilities.

Characteristics of Smart Pen:

The input device captures the handwriting data and that once digitized it and easy to upload to a computer and displayed on monitor. In this pen we use a blue-tooth device to transfer the pictures and data from this smart pen.
A small battery is also destined to operate. Camera in the pen is also designed. We can see the picture taken with this camera from any computer or mobile laptop etc. We can also use this smart pen to write on the normal page.
Some pens are equipped with a digital recording device that allows users to use them as an intelligent Dictaphone..

We can say a smart pen also a spy pen. Because with this pen we can record voice and video without secretly and transfer this data. Mostly we use the our mobile phone to record some videos. But in this procedure anyone can see you. This type of pens easily available on online shops like AMAZON, Ebay.



1. Easy to use.
2. Records audio.
3. Slim and smart.
4. Storage RAM capability is very High.
5. Easy Difference Between girls and boys’ voices.
6. Lightweight.
7. Good storage capacity.


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