invention of paper

ٰInvention of Paper

Before science life was not luxurious. People lived backward life without technology. But now Science and technology is going very fast, every year every month in fact every day new things happen.  All inventions are good step to development. Invention of paper is one of them.

Now a days everyone is talking about science, technology and inventions. Today we will talk about an invention, which is not new but very few people now about it.

First paper making process was started in 8th century, Before invention of paper people wrote on papyrus (a tree), slate and leaves. Papyrus used in Egypt and other areas in past time.

Chinese Chai Lun invented paper, Paper made out of plant like fibers who mixed the fiber from the bark of mulberry in water and produced sheets of paper.

Characteristics of paper are that starches are used in paper, like rice and wheat. A device called mohreh is used to rub the starch from the paper until it shines.

The Nuremberg Paper Mill is located in Germany. Due to smell and noise of the mill, paper mills were required to locate/ construct outside of the city.

Now a days papers are using in a huge amount. Americans use more than 90 millions short tons of paper every years. According to science research trees are getting short due to deforestation, and due to paper making process. One ton of paper recycling can save 17 trees. 1 pine tree can make 80,500 sheets of paper.

Paper waste is another problem.

Invention of Paper was a good step to development but paper pollution is the problem and it is a serious problem. Chlorine based bleaches are used during preparation of paper which results in toxic materials being released into our water, air and soil. When paper rots, it emits methane gas (a greenhouse gas) which is 25 times more toxic than carbon die oxide, that is cause to spread diseases.




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