SMS from computer

SMS from computer

Cortana Assistant

SMS from computer is the amazing feature. New benefits of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system With the latest update. The system will allow sending small text in the form of messages through the Cortana Virtual Assistant platform . The disadvantage is that this function is only available for smartphones whose system is Windows 10 Mobile.

Send SMS with Cortana then first of all you need to sure that your connection to Windows 10 Mobile is old. So as Apple launched the same function among its teams. Microsoft wants to combine its tools with a new tool, but with lowercase letters that both smartphones and computers must adapt to the current operating system.

Cortona Using (sms from computer)

Must to register with Cortana using the same Microsoft user account , obviously you have to log in on all the devices to be used, then Cortana will do the rest of the work. In this way, you can also receive notifications of missed calls on smartphones and other alerts that reach the mobile device.

The service of sending SMS with Cortana from the computer and the rest of the mobile functions can be deactivated when the user wishes, it will be enough to enter the smartphone settings to turn OFF the notices and notifications.

SMS from PC

SMS from computer is expected that in the coming months it will be the official launch of the new tool, at the moment it is in the testing phase and among the novelties it will also include synchronization with Skype and the possibility of saving maps without the need to connect to the Internet.

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