First motorcycle invenetion

Motorcycle History

The history of the motorcycle will always be linked to the development of the first bicycles. Bicycles have long been the basis of motorcycles and have helped shape the history of motorized machines.


In 1867, Sylvester Howard Roper invented the first machine that anyone could recognize as a motorcycle. Roper, an American, built a two-cylinder steam engine. It was the first motorcycle to use coal as fuel.
This is a proper name, which was assembled in 1897 by the brothers Yugan and Michelle Werner, manufacturers located in Lovelos – Perret, and then took the common name.

A motorcycle

or motorcycle, is a monotone motorcycle with two wheels (the wheels are behind another). The pilot sits on the back, has a handlebar in the hands and feet on the feet. A passenger may be behind the pilot. Call someone who drives this type of motorcyclist or “motorcyclist (e)”. A compartment can be added to the side of the motorcycle and the vehicle becomes a sidewalk, allowing one or two additional passengers to be transported with an additional wheel.

Louis Chen Periox

formally invented a motorcycle with the first patent registered in 1868 and was modified by 1885. The first motorcycle was filed. In fact, it was nothing more than a prototype and never revolved independently: it was fixed vertically and around the axis, since its driver was too busy to operate the engine.

The American Sylvester Howard Roper (1823-1896) invented a steam (coal) cylinder engine in 1867. If a steam engine is allowed to be included in the motorcycle description, it can be considered the first motorcycle.

Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler built a motorcycle in 1885 with a four-wheel wooden frame and an internal combustion engine. The speed was 18 km / h and the engine produced 0.5 horsepower.

New Engine Developed

Gottlieb Daimler used a new engine developed by engineer Nicholas August Otto. Otto invented the first four-stroke internal combustion engine in 1876. He called it the “Automatic Cycle Engine” and as soon as it was completed, Daimler (former employee of Otto) turned it into a motorcycle that some historians considered for the first time. History In 1894, Hildebrand and Wolfmiller introduced the first bike that was produced in Munich in series and with clear commercial purposes. Hildebrand and Wolfmiller remained in production until 1897. The Paris-based Russian brothers Eugene and Michelle Werner rode the engine on a bicycle. The first engine with the engine on the front wheel began to be ready in 1897.
The scooter was invented in 1902 (it comes from the English scooter), also called the French armor chair by Francis Georges Gautier. The scooter is a motorcycle equipped with a safety dashboard. This was produced in 1914. It was very popular, especially in youth. Scooter includes two small side wheels and an open frame that allows the driver to sit instead of starving. It also has a body that protects all mechanisms and offers storage space for smaller items and spare wheels. They are urban vehicles, although long trips can be made. What stands out in this type of motorcycle is that it is not easy to operate or develop quickly.

A car with Side Wheel

In 1910, Sidecar appeared, a car with a side wheel that matched a side of the motorcycle. It has a frame (of a wheel) and a body that protects the passenger. That lifts it becomes a three-wheeled vehicle and the handlebar is restricted to operate, since the inclination cannot be operated. It appeared years ago, but with the proliferation of bicycles and vehicles called “public services,” it has virtually disappeared from circulation, except that recently governments banned their manufacture.

After returning from World War II (1945), American soldiers seemed unhappy with the motorcycles manufactured by Harley Davidson and the Indians. Bicycles riding in Europe are lighter and more fun. These veterans began to walk with other veterans to restore some of the comrades they felt at their service. These groups realized that their motorcycles needed modifications that Harley had not provided. Thus was born a custom motorcycle.

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