Invention of Watch
Invention of Watch

Who invented the first watch in history? And when was it invented?

Talking about the invention of first watch/ clock and inventor of the clock is complicated. Since the first written texts in which one speaks of an instrument with which to measure time. Thousands of years have passed and there is no talk of a particular person. Specifically, it is situated in Egypt during the time of the Ptolemies. The Egyptians mediated the passage of time with sundials using the gnome to cast the shadow on the base where they read the time thanks to the time slots.

What was the first watch that was invented?

A clock is an instrument used to measure the passage of time. If we use the definition of a clock, the first one that was invented is the sundial, which was invented by the Egyptians. Then we have seen multiple kinds of watches until the invention of the first modern watch, the mechanical watch.

What was the first mechanical watch

It was invented by Pope Sylvester in 947 during his stay as a monk in a monastery in France. There he invented the caster clock, a sophisticated but little precise gadget. It was delayed several hours a day. Although its precision was minimal, it was an advance for humanity, making possible the invention of watches as we know them today.

First pocket watch

It is dated in Germany, invented by Peter Henlein in 1524. The first versions of these watches had no movement regulators, which made them a rather inaccurate instrument. With the passage of time, they became popular and were included as another element of jewelry. They were the only personal watch until the first wristwatches appeared in 1904

What was the first wristwatch

The first wristwatch was born from the hand of Louis Cartier, in the year 1904. A gift for the aviator Santos – Dumont. However, in the same year, another wristwatch appeared from the hand of the founder of the prestigious Rolex brand, Hans Wilsdorf.
Both were considered crazy and everyone believed that the wristwatch would be a passing fad, but nothing could be further from the truth. Wristwatches were implanted in the market becoming the most popular model.

Quartz Watch

WA Morison invented it in 1919. Everyone recognized that it was a very useful invention and that it would revolutionize the precision with which time passed. It was just delayed or advanced 3 seconds a year. The funny thing is that nobody sold it until almost half a century later.

Automatic clock

H. Cutte and J. Harwood were the inventors of the first watch that automatically watered their batteries in 1923. When he created this watch he did not do so to avoid having to wind the clock. He tried to eliminate the crown because most of them broke by the dirt that entered through her. Without realizing it, he had revolutionized the world of watchmaking by selling 30,000 units of that model. Until his company went bankrupt due to the strong depression that occurred in those years.
Oldest digital clock
It was invented in 1956 by Bulgarian engineer Petar Ptrov although it did not become popular until the price of LED and microchips fell. In 1972, the digital clock was first introduced to the market by the hand of Hamilton Watch (Pulsar).

What was the first smartwatch

The first smartwatch was made by pressing in 1972, a company that was later acquired by the Japanese company Seiko. Since then they began to manufacture increasingly sophisticated models including PDA’s, calculator and evolving to what we now know as Smartwatch
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