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How to display phone screen on pc

Android Display phone screen on pc

There are many applications that give you facility to display phone screen on pc. Now we recommend some famous and useful with low data use applications:

1: Vysor

this is the best app and most used in the world for the display your phone screen on pc and control your phone with your pc. You can see your phone screen and enjoy it on your computer laptop even with your tabs. It is very easy to setup and play games , use apps and take the screenshots on your pc everything can do this from pc.

2: App Powermirror

An brilliant app that give a mirror display your Android phone mirror on your pc. With the help of this application you can control your phone with keyboard and mouse. This is the powerful application because you can control your pc with your mobile.

3. Scrcpy

This is the free and open source and alternative all the best screen mirror applications/ software’s. This app facilitate the different features like USB and wirless android screen mirror and also sported windows, macOS especially Linux.

4. MoZapp

As shown with name MobZapp use for streaming Android device. Screen sharing app has many platforms support. It is start with media player like KODI, OBS and VLC,. MobZapp is the best for display mobile screen on pc.

5. Mobizen

Very similar of Vysor Screen monitor app. Mobizen is the paid app but the basic feature of mobizen is free. With this app you can setup ghost mode with paid subs. Mobizen app have facility to display your phone screen on laptop/ computer and also control mobile phone with Mobizen website.


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