Do you think the world cannot evolve further?

Discover the 7 new technologies that we were thinking to devastate in 2019. If you are not able to imagine what else may exist, then we leave you with 7 news that you will not stop hearing about this year. Attentive, come to stay!

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has no limits. If we already knew her well, be prepared to see her improved and more likely to apply her. The key will be to combines software data and artificial intelligence only in this way will simplify decision making. The very majority of companies will not hesitate to apply it. As it assures them of not being the behind left in the world of technology. Where can we see it In sectors of health, financial services, robotics, information technology

3. Internet of Things

We have been talking about him for some time, but this technology is a great revolution in all areas, both personal and professional. The vast majority of the objects will be connected to the Internet. Which will send and store information about how we are using them. While sharing data with each other, in order to personalize and facilitate their use. It will be helpful, for example, in logistics centers where it will be easy to check the available stock and know when to replenish it.

4. Smart applications

The novelty is that the applications work with their own intelligence. That is, work simultaneously without changing the app. These will have at your disposal all the information about the user, so they can use it according to the limit that has been set before. An example is ChatBots, an intelligent application with which to interact and feel that you are talking to a person.

5. Big Data

The so-called data scientists will continue to boom and are in demand by companies. They are experts in obtaining valuable information for companies and in analyzing it. In order to improve their productivity, their efficiency and, why not, their benefits.

6. Robotics

Many believe that robots have arrived to take people away from jobs. According to the market research company Forrester, in 2019, 25% of jobs in all sectors will be filled by robots. And you, can you imagine that your co-worker was a robot? I may not take your place, but it can help you with what you cannot do, and vice versa.

7. Biotechnology

Another technology that will also be talked about a lot in 2019 is biotechnology. Unimaginable things can be done with it, challenging what was believed impossible, such as: satisfying the global demand for food, fuel, animal nutrition … We can see it applied in the pharmaceutical industry by developing more effective drugs for each patient. And in the textiles sector allowing the creation of smart fabrics.

Are you ready for so much technological revolution?

These are just a few, but surely there will be many more that will leave us with our mouths open and that will come to make things easier for us. Not only that, because with the arrival of new technologies, an inevitable consequence comes new jobs. And that is why being at the forefront of technologies such as these is the best strategy to prepare for new jobs. That still belongs to the future, but that very soon could be your present and your vocation.
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