What is a Computer

The computer is an electronic device which use to solve a different kind of problem with programming. We give the arithmetic or logical problems on input and its process and give the solution on output. The main parts of the computer are Hardware and software.


The hardware is the physical component of the computer, that is everything that can be seen and touched. Some hardware components are described below :

  1. CPU
  2. Monitor
  3. Keyboard
  4. Mouse
  5. Hard Drive (HDD)
  6. Motherboard

CPU (Central Processor Unit)

Known as a microprocessor, it processes the data interpreting user instructions.. These Processors allows to considerably increase data processing capacity faster. The definition of CPU in recent years has been quite clear.  CPU is the part on assembled all components and cads of a computer is called CPU.


The monitor is an electronic output device of the computer which displayed the images and texts generated by means of a graphic. The term monitor normally refers to the video screen, and its main and unique function is to allow the user to interact with the computer.
A typical computer presents a monitor with CRT technology (cathode ray tubes). This CRT is the same one used by televisions. However, today there is TFT (thin-film transistor) technology that significantly reduces monitors volume.
Also found are LCD (liquid crystal devices), plasma, EL (electroluminescence) or EDF (field emission devices ) technology. initially, they only appeared on laptops, but now they are also included on other computers.


A keyboard is a collection of buttons with the help we give the input to the computer. Every day we use it as a basic input part of the computer is a keyboard.  The first name of the keyboard is QWERTY board.


The mouse is one of the input peripherals that are part of a computer. You can interact directly with the computer using a pointer (indicator) shown on the screen. Basically it is a hardware device whose main function is to control the functions ordered by the user. Thanks to the complement of its pointer on the screen you can scroll through it and through a button. You can select any of the applications that are contained in the computer.

Hard Disk (HDD)

The hard or disk (HDD) is the electronic device where all the information that is processed in the computer is stored. The information stored including the operating system and applications. This disk uses a magnetic recording system to store digital data. It is composed of one or more plates or discs that are joined by a shaft that rotates at a high speed inside a metal box that protects them. The solid-state or SSD (Solid State Drive) disk technology is being perfected where information is recorded.


The motherboard is the main component. Whether portable or desktop, since it connects all the hardware needed to perform our daily tasks. Without Motherboard would not have a place to connect the processor, RAM, disks or ports where we plug the printer, mouse or monitor.


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