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Keep in mind before buying a new computer

In 2019, most of the houses have a computer, because families consider it an essential device to carry out the tasks and obligations they have daily. In addition to providing fun and entertainment, It never hurts to enjoy.
However, when this tool breaks down and they have no solution It is time to buy a new computer. Which must have certain characteristics so that all household members can use it, so it is necessary to know what is that each one requires for the computer.
Knowing what each person requires is complicated, but it can be deduced that everyone needs good RAM. A good RAM to have a large capacity to execute in all the necessary tasks and programs without having performance problems. A new computer should have a processor efficient to perform the functions quickly and a large hard drive that can store as much information.
With this data, you can go to the nearest store and ask for a new computer that has these characteristics. But you have to keep in mind a couple of things so that you understand what the seller is saying. When the seller talks about the characteristics that each has one of the options. Bellow we will share which things you should keep in mind before buying a new computer.

1. Needs and budget

Thanks to technology developments, today there are computers of all types, shapes, colors and prices. But for a new computer, in reality, the first and most important thing that must be taken into account the budget and needs that are taken. It helps how to choose to define much better what is required.

2. Desktop or laptop (computer)

A simple decision but at some time complicated, for the space that must at home/ workspace. It to be able to install without any distance problems with the cables to considering whether it is necessary to charge all the time. But during the use of the computer, you should keep in mind about your health.

3. Operating system

It is essential to know what is the operating system that is needed on the new computer because it will depend on the compatibility of your work. If You have other applications, and how they can be obtained because not all OS can be related to the programs you want to download. Some options available are from Windows to Mac OS, Unix and Solaris, to mention just a few.

4. Processor

One tip that can be carried out to select a processor is to think about what users will be given to the new computer. This does not refer to whether it is going to take a mountain or a beach, it is about whether there will be several programs running at the same time. If only used to play or watch social networks, because both activities require a different speed. Since the faster, the instructions, the faster the brain/processor of the new computer must be.

5. Hard disk

It is practically the memory of the equipment, the place where programs and files will be stored. So the advice of the previous point applies here too, since depending on the work. It depends on your work that will be done with it. It is how it should have more or less storage ( GB Gigabytes or TB Terabytes) and of course, great speed RPM (Revolutions Per Minute ) of a new computer.

6. RAM memory

The RAM of a computer has, it will be better, so it is recommended that you have an extensive capacity. This capacity is several actions that you can do at the same time and you are not struggling with screen freezing. Therefore programs making it extremely difficult to finish certain work.

7. Battery

The durability of the battery that computers have is also paramount. Since battery will depend on the lifetime it has and of course, that it will have during the long working hours that occasionally occur. It will make your work without tension on new computer.

8. Graphics card

Nothing is worse than having to endure the poor quality of a new computer screen. Because you don’t enjoy the experience of working on it, even if it’s just for fun for a moment. Must take into account the graphics card, if you are a graphic designer, gaming or reporter and you must have a great visual experience.

 9. Display and Keyboard

The main function of the monitor of the computer is obviously the visual one. Thanks to him, we can see the work and the orders that we are carrying out, or visualize other contents, review stored information and an innumerable number of tasks. The keyboard is the major thing that can make your work comfortable. If your work typing articles and other typing work then the keyboard should be the comfort and easy to type. There are different types of keyboard the most useful in the world is the QWERTY keyboard.

10. Antivirus

It never hurts to think about the internal protection of the new computer that you will have. So you must know what are the types of antivirus that are compatible with the operating system. If a pre-installed one already comes that only needs to be renewed during certain weather.
The computer is a very great invention in the world But sometimes we don’t know which computer is the best for us and how we buy the new computer. So keep in mind these things when you buy a new computer.


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