How to increase laptop battery life

Top 10 Tips to increase laptop battery life

Mobile computing has got a lot of improvements with better chips, faster processors and graphical improvements. But the Achilles heel of laptops has always remained the same, its battery life. So here are a few easy tips to increase your laptop’s battery life.

1. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you don’t need them

These wireless network technologies consume battery power. You can disable both using Airplane mode. Click on the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar and then click on the Airplane mode button. You can also disable Wi-Fi only by clicking on the Wi-Fi button on the Wi-Fi menu of the taskbar. To disable Bluetooth, go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices and disable the Bluetooth switch. This method will help you to increase your laptop battery life.

2. Low the screen brightness for increased battery life.

Powering all those pixels on the screen is the biggest loss of battery resources. The first element to check when you are experiencing a worryingly short battery life is the brightness of your screen. If you have raised it to the end or near the maximum, lower the brightness; You may also find a more comfortable computing experience for your eyes. It is likely that your laptop has two Function keys assigned to show brightness. Otherwise, you can find a brightness slider in Settings> System> Display. You will also find a slider for screen brightness in the Windows Mobility Center, which is hidden in the Control Panel; The easiest way to find it is just to look for it. This method will help you to increase your laptop battery life.

3. Paint it black

A bright desktop wallpaper requires that your screen pixels brighten more when it requires more juice. Choose a dark image or color by going to Settings> Personalization> Background. This method will help you to increase your laptop battery life.

4. Turn off the keyboard light

Like the screen, the keyboard backlight also drains your laptop’s battery. Turn them off when they are not necessary. Your laptop is likely to have a function key that allows you to turn the keyboard backlight on and off. Otherwise, you will find a control in the Windows Mobility Center.

5. Introducing the new battery control

OK, nowhere is the new battery tool. Fall creator’s updates have made it easier to switch between power modes. Instead of accessing the battery page in the settings to switch from high-performance mode to battery saver mode or vice versa, you can now simply click or tap the battery icon in the taskbar. You can move a slider from the optimal battery life to the best performance or a balanced mode in the middle. This method will help you to increase your laptop battery life.

6. Eye with power-on settings

Access the Power and sleep settings by clicking on the battery menu link from the taskbar (or by going to Settings> System> Power and sleep ), and you can shorten the time before the screen turns off or you notebook enters standby mode when it is running on battery power. The shorter you set these times, the longer the battery life. This method will help you to increase your laptop battery life.

7. Use the battery saver to increase battery life

The Windows 10 built-in battery saver mode is activated when the remaining battery drops below 20 percent. Disable email and calendar synchronization, push notifications and applications to run in the background. It must be enabled by default, but make sure it is in Settings> System> Battery. If you find that Battery Saver does not disrupt your usual Windows habits, you can increase the threshold for when activated above 20 percent. This method will help you to increase your laptop battery life.

8. Verify the battery usage of each application

You can see which applications are using the most battery resources in Settings> System> Battery and click on Battery usage by application. The list will show you the percentage of battery that your applications have used in the last 6 or 24 hours or last week. If you find an application that you think uses more than its share, click on it and turn off the switch for Managed by Windows and then make sure the box remains unchecked to Allow it to run background tasks. This method will help you to increase your laptop battery life.

9. Synchronize less email

Checking your email constantly can drain your battery. Therefore, ask Windows to check less frequently to extend the life of your battery. Go to Settings> Accounts> Email & app accounts . Click on your account, then go to Manage and look for Download new content, change there so that the emails arrive every 30 minutes, every hour or manually and then click Done. This method will help you to increase your laptop battery life.

10. Hard drive Defragment

Defragment your hard drive regularly, as the faster your hard drive works, the lesser would be the battery consumption. This method will help you to increase your laptop battery life.

11. Our tests

We use our laptops to perform a wide variety of tasks, from video playback to office work, to web browsing and games. On an average that is neither too easy nor too intense, the specific battery test used here plays a private video over a Wi-Fi network in a permanent cycle.
It should be noted that these scores reflect. Specific settings we tested and that UPC screen resolution and options are two of the main factors that impact battery life. Those factors – and the applications running on the device in question – mean that you should not wait for an identical duration. But the general trend should remain.
The 25 highest scores are in the following chart, while this related gallery includes context for each system. We will update this list regularly, adding high-performance computers as we find them.

If you’ve got any more ways to increase the battery life of your laptop please don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.

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