New and Coolest Gadgets That make our Life amazing

coolest gadgets
coolest gadgets

Coolest Gadgets

we have a lot of devices that used our daily life. Electronics technology is growing and changing very fast with new features. It makes our life very easy day by day. we use new and attractive gadgets in our life. Today we will talk about the new and latest gadgets that have amazing features.

1. Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock
Lenovo Smart Clock On Table
a smart and simple clock. You are wrong if you are thinking its a smartphone clock but it has many other features. It tells the Time. Really a cool gadget. It charges the phone and alarm for wake-up. The LCD glow slowly with your facial expressions. You can connect it with Google Assistant. It has many other features that can make easy your life. 

Temperature Controller Mug

Picture of the Mug and Phone
This is the Cup with his stand and phone it can connect with Bluetooth.
14-ounce weight cup that is not just to hold your coffee. This is an electronic device that makes your coffee hot and cold with amazing features. It’s not mean that it increases sugar or milk as you want automatically. It’s mean this cup has a Temperature balancing system that provides coffee on your desired temperature. Really a cool gadget. If you are going to your office and you want to take cold coffee and the coffee is hot you can easily make it cold. This coffee cup has amazing features. The amazing thing that this cup is controlled with your phone. An application is installed to control and instruct it.

Parrot Anafi Drone

Parrot Anafi Drone
Camera Picture (Parrot Anafi Drone)

Camera drone (4k Camera). It can be charged from your laptop or power bank. its featherweight carbon fiber frame, something that helps it fold to handheld you can take anywhere size in a few seconds. It’s really a cool gadget. You get half an hour of in air time in one charging, it’s great for low-angle shots and it captures video and photos closely and clearly. Drone camera flies with smooth and not vibrate to take pictures.

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